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Mall Days, Radio Nights

Updated: Feb 28

After finishing Mall Music, my 5th collection of musical compositions, I moved to the inspiration of listening to the radio in the evening.

Radio Nights is a collection of music that was composed from my nostalgia of listening to evening radio and music. The variety of things I would do while listening to the radio is not limited to driving, drawing, playing video games, or doing simple tasks at home like assembling furniture or washing dishes. I don't think any specific musicians inspired my music on this particular collections, but I was listening to a lot of soft rock, 80's dance, and various alternative rock music to get me in the mood to produce a sort of pop music sound in comparison to my usual music. I am being inspired by this current production to produce a collection of more jazz-influenced collection of music.

Mall Music and Radio Nights are both available for sale at Bandcamp.

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