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Crosstown Crush & Crosstown Chaos

Crosstown Crush: Volume 1, Book 1

In 1993, two area high schools have a picnic at a Blue Island park.

In this first book, Jim from Blue Island High School meets Dana from Downey High School through one of her friends taunting her into talking to some boys from the other school.

The story is further complicated with the introduction of a manipulative girl who happens to be related to Dana. Dana’s cousin then becomes interested in breaking Jim and Dana’s new friendship. 

Crosstown Crush: Volume 1, Book 2

Jim and Jose seem like they have been friends forever, or at least as long as they have been alive.

In This Flashback book, Jim and Jose meet in Kindergarten, and go through seemingly routine adventures. Read as the two evict a group of hobos from their treehouse, enter a relative into a video game competition, and appear on television, twice!

Crosstown Crush: Volume 1, Book 3

Dana has never had a good relationship with her cousin. For two cousins, however, they are almost closer than sisters.

In this flashback book, Dana and Michelle meet through unfortunate circumstances of Michelle's abandonment. Michelle's misguided attempts to show Dana attention often contribute to Dana's optimistic ability to learn a lesson about herself.

Crosstown Crush: Volume 1, Book 4

Book four returns to Blue Island, Illinois in the summer of 1993 to finish where the first part of the series left off.

In a series of flashbacks, Will introduces why he holds dislike for Jim. Jim is introduced to Cindy for the first time, and Cindy is introduced to Jim at a later time. Dana, Michelle and Jose are forced to have to deal with Jim's difficult dating situation, while still remaining friends. Cindy begins to notice that Jim is not everything she thinks he is, and Jim finds out that dating Cindy is not all he thought it would be.

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